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iPhone 7 – Love it or Hate it?

Here at Swift Communications we’re avid fans of all things Apple. But how do you keep up with the latest releases each year, and is it all really worth the hype?

The Apple iPhone 7 has been hugely anticipated – will it have a new camera? Will it be more efficient? How will it look? These questions were seemingly answered at the recent launch in San Francisco, but the question remains – does it meet expectations? From our perspective, both yes and no.

Here’s all you need to know about the latest iPhone. Like before, there are two size options, with the larger ‘Plus’ model often suiting business mobile users due to its larger screen, perfect for emailing, internet research, video conferencing and more.

What’s new?

  • Better camera tech with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), wide aperture lens and sophisticated environmental settings for better quality pics, wherever you are. In addition, the upgraded 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with new sensor technology and image stabilisation offers clearer FaceTime calls, great for those of us having video conferences outside of the office
  • For the iPhone 7 Plus, there is an iPhone first – dual-screen cameras on the rear of the phone which enables you to zoom into the most detailed of images for a better crop
  • iOS 10, a feature rich upgrade to iOS 9.3 with a smarter Siri that can command third party apps and new messaging functionality, helping all business mobile users who are on-the-go
  • A Quad-Core processor focused on performance and efficiency. The new Apple A10 Fusion processor is reported to be 40% faster than the Apple A9, and helps make the iPhone 7 a phenomenal 120 times faster than the original iPhone – not to be sniffed at!
  • More efficient – Apple states both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have the best battery life of any iPhone with, on average, two hours extra from each charge – perfect for when you’re on the road
  • Wide colour display which is 25% brighter than the iPhone 6 Plus – making multimedia viewing clearer than ever before
  • In a divisive move, the headphone jack has been removed, with Apple favouring their new wireless Apple EarPods, which will be available very soon. Alternatively, you can still use Lightning-connected Apple EarPods (already in the box).
  • New and improved Home button. Whilst many thought this would be removed entirely, the iPhone’s Home button uses similar technology to the Force Touch trackpad on MacBooks, and supports Taptic feedback that can further optimise your experience
  • IP67 rated water and dust proof device – for the first time your heart won’t have to stop when your iPhone falls into the sink – it’s waterproof up to 1m of water for 30 minutes (not that we recommend testing this out unnecessarily!)

What’s it lacking?

The technologies in the iPhone 7 and 7s weren’t quite as revolutionary as some were expecting. As mentioned above, the lack of headphone jack has some Apple customers up in arms, although we feel it’s a good step forwards. Apple has been a front runner before in revolutionising the market, as John Gruber, an Apple blogger aptly puts: “If it weren’t for Apple we’d probably still be using computers with VGA and serial ports. The essence of Apple is that they make design decisions ‘no one asked for’.” Perhaps in a few years our children will view traditional headphones and headphone jacks in the same way as the floppy disk?!

The water and dust resistance is really just bringing Apple more in line with some of its biggest competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, which can boast protection in water for up to one hour (versus the 30 minutes for iPhone 7). Let’s face it though, if you leave your business mobile submerged in water for 30 minutes, you’re probably not wanting it back!

Rumours were rife that the new iPhone would have wireless charging technology, however this didn’t materialise. Charging is via the Lightning Port, however now it’s also required for audio (unless you purchase wireless EarPods at a later date) and data. A USB Type-C port might have been useful; however, Apple aren’t ones for following the crowd with this kind of thing.

The detail – what are the specs?

Colours: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Processor: Apple A10 Fusion, M10 motion co-processor

Storage: 32GB, 128GB or a whopping 256GB – NB Jet Black is exclusively available for the 128GB and 256GB options

Display: 4.7 inch (diagonal) LED backlit widescreen (iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inch)

Cameras: 12MP with Digital Zoom up to 5x, with optical image stabilisation, Quad-LED True Tone flash, improved local tone mapping and more (iPhone 7 Plus has Digital Zoom up to 10x)

FaceTime HD Camera: 1080p HD video recording, f/2.2 aperture – perfect for video conferences when you’re outside the office

Calls: FaceTime video calling over Wi-Fi or network, FaceTime audio, Wi-Fi calling

Software: iOS 10

Dimensions: 67.1×7.1×138.3mm (iPhone 7 Plus is 77.9×7.3×158.2mm)

Weight: 138g (iPhone 7 Plus is 188g)

Networks: EE, O2, BT, Vodafone and Three

In addition: Rated IP67 for splash, water and dust resistance

The detail – what’s in the box?


Earpods with Lightning Connector

Lightning to USB Cable

USB Power Adapter

Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter – so you really needn’t be concerned that your favourite headphones will become redundant

The detail – what’s iOS 10 all about?

Apple’s iOS 10 update for iPhone is set to live up to the milestone software version number, offering significant enhancements across the device. We’ve taken a look at the key takeouts and definitely think they could make the lives of us, and our customers, easier.

  • An entirely new interface, allowing you to put improved Widgets on the Search screen and Home screen. For business mobile users, this is a great way to keep tabs on upcoming meetings without the need to open the Calendar app
  • Raise to Wake – which makes the iPhone light up and go to the Home screen, simply by lifting the handset up, so you can see your latest notifications without pressing a button or typing in a passcode
  • More Siri: Apple is opening Siri up to 3rd party developers, supporting apps such as WhatsApp and Uber with voice controlled functions
  • Better messaging: with the most frequently used iOS app being messaging, Apple have focused on improving the experience. Other apps can now integrate with Messages, enabling you to share stickers, interactive content and more, plus there’s more extensive Emojis (important, we know).
  • More intuitive Maps: the app will learn from experience and you’ll be able to do things such as book an Uber within the app, rather than swap between several services.
  • Integration for third-party VoIP calls, voicemail transcription and caller ID extension to avoid those calls you definitely don’t want
  • QuickType improvements, using Siri to generate contextual text predictions
  • Cleaner and simpler Apple News so you can access important updates easier than before
  • Apple is focusing on Smart Homes and the internet of things, and is launching a dedicated app for controlling any device you may have that is compatible with HomeKit – regardless of manufacturer
  • Ability to ditch preinstalled apps (well, hide them at least) so you can streamline your screen

The vast majority of business mobile users want to be at the forefront of new technology, and Apple seemingly hits the nail on the head every time, albeit aligning to some of its competitors in this instance. Whilst the iPhone 7 at first glance seems incredibly similar to its predecessor, the detail in the updates shows that this will be a powerful phone, capable of much more than the iPhone 6s. And let’s be honest – a shiny new phone is always exciting to unwrap!

When you consider that 10 years ago, most of us were largely unaware of what a smartphone was – the first Apple iPhone was yet to be released, and we were content with a simple colour screen and at maximum, a whopping 2GB of memory (through a MicroSD of course), it’s hard to believe what our phones can do for us today. From letting us dictate text messages, to counting our steps and, with the new iPhone 7, allowing storage of up to 256GB (more than many laptops in 2006!), we can scarcely live without them.

As a business mobile, iPhones (and the close rivals) offer the modern business man and woman the opportunity to take control of their work and home lives wherever they are, in ways that seemed unfathomable a decade ago.

The new iPhone may not seem all singing and all dancing on the face of it, but before we discount is as THE new mobile to have, we have to remember just how amazing technology is in today’s world, and Apple has played an integral part in that. Do we absolutely need the new iPhone 7? Probably not. Do we want one? Definitely!

How to get the new iPhone 7 or 7s

If you’re interested in finding out more about business mobile deals for the iPhone 7 or 7s, get in touch with the team at Swift Communications and we will be happy to help. The iPhone 7 is available across the major service providers, so we can find the best package for you and your business. As always, demand is set to be high, so get in touch today!

Sources: John Gruber – http://daringfireball.net/2016/06/headphone_jacks_are_the_new_floppy_drives

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