Business VoIP

BT has recently announced that by 2025 all of its clients will be moved from PTSN and ISDN lines to its IP network. This development presents challenges for business telephone systems.

What Are PSTN & ISDN Lines?

A Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) transfers analogue voice data through its lines. It is the traditional phone network carrying nothing but voice data.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) pushes both voice and data through digital lines. It allows for video conferencing, data transfer and direct dial ins. ISDN lines are capable of providing multiple channels per line, which means simultaneous phone calls can be made from a single line.


It is entirely impractical to expect businesses to move to mobile only communication systems. Most businesses will make the sensible choice to move to Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems which transmits calls over an internet connection. VoIP offers the ability to scale rapidly, it has several functions unavailable on PSTN and it offers a significant saving with its reduced call costs.

VoIP systems tend to be hosted in the cloud and are usually charged on a fixed cost per month basis. Traditional phones or soft phones can also be connected to a PC to make VoIP calls. This shows that business telephone systems can be run for less money than traditional systems without disrupting the day-to-day work of the organisation or its staff.

SIP trunks

SIP trunks effectively replace ISDN connections. There is no need to change phone systems or invest in any other equipment. It is a great way of protecting any communication investment. SIP trunks cost roughly the same to run as a traditional ISDN system. However, it is a less flexible system than VoIP phones and not as feature rich.

For Your Business

Deciding the right future for your business communications is a difficult decision. A thorough audit of staff and client communication processes is the only real way to determine which business telephone system best suits your needs and is capable of growing with you. In almost all circumstances, SMEs gain a greater number of benefits from using a business VoIP than large corporations. SIP trunks are far more appropriate for a large organisation that has already made a significant investment in its communications infrastructure.

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