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We handle all your broadband needs, to give you a fast and reliable connection.

We offer a range of business broadband options – all at market-beating rates. Our engineers will install everything you need and then we give you 24/7 customer and technical support.

ADSL Broadband
ADSL Broadband

Broadband For Your Specific Business Needs

Regardless of whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, the day-to-day requirements are just as demanding. To function efficiently in today’s high-paced, digital world, every business needs a phone line and a reliable internet connection.

There’s a huge array of business broadband choices out there. Choosing the right package comes down to a number of factors. As your broadband speed determines how fast web pages load, most small businesses want a broadband service with the maximum possible speed. But there are also additional considerations, such as whether you need unlimited downloads or advanced internet features.

So how do you choose the best business broadband deals? And what sort of business broadband service do you need? Business broadband needs obviously vary from company to company, so first, we talk to you about your organisation and your requirements.

Next, based on what we know, we put together a business broadband quote and package that is specific to your company and is a perfect fit for your needs, budget, and usage rates.
And when we set up your broadband connection, it’s fast and easy. We give you a free, pre-configured router that you simply have to plug in – and then your business broadband is up and running.

As one of the UK’s best business broadband suppliers, Swiftcomm can help ensure you get the right business broadband package for your company. We only deal with business customers and can offer you the best business broadband deals. We save you up to 45% compared to BT market prices, and we guarantee to match or beat quotes from any business broadband provider.

Your Business Broadband Questions Answered

  • What are the benefits of business broadband?

    Business broadband is ideal for any company that has multiple locations, employees who work from home, remote workers, or people with specialised equipment such as video conferencing systems.

    It’s also great if you have an office in one location but want to use it remotely. You can access your data anywhere, anytime on any device.

    As one of the UK’s best business broadband companies, with Swiftcomm you’ll get a number of benefits including:

    • A dedicated account manager who will look after your business broadband provision, dealing with any problems, and monitoring usage to see if your plan needs changing.
    • We place you on one of the UK’s largest and most efficient business-only broadband networks. And we use specialist technology to ensure key business data is prioritised and speeds are stable.
    • If you have a business broadband problem or question, call our UK dedicated technical support centre at any time. We promise that someone will answer your call within five rings, day or night, 24/7. You can also email us, or use webchat.
  • What type of Internet connection is best for businesses?

    The internet connection you choose depends on what you do online. Often there are both technical and environmental factors to consider when choosing broadband services. What about upload speeds? Download speeds? unlimited broadband?

    Despite there being so much to think about, we will talk you through everything and help you select the best possible option for your business.

  • How much does business broadband cost?

    Every business broadband deal from Swiftcomm is bespoke. We tailor your package to your business needs meaning prices vary from one customer to the next. But, we always offer affordable solutions that save as much as 45% compared to market prices.

  • Does my company need business broadband?

    Whether you’re running a small business, a large enterprise or somewhere in between, there’s no doubt that business broadband is essential. It allows you to be more productive, collaborate better, and keep up with competitors.

    Swiftcomm’s offers a wide range of business broadband packages, tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • How do I choose a business broadband?

    Don’t worry, we will help you with everything. We will find the perfect business broadband deal for your company and can save you money and guarantee to match or beat any other business broadband provider on price.