Leased Line - Dedicated Internet Access

Leased Line Internet Access

Invest in a robust leased line internet connection for your business

The type of leased line connection we offer you is called Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (Ethernet over FTTC, or EoFTTC for short) and is extremely reliable. It’s most beneficial if your organisation needs a secure and constant internet connection - one that doesn’t drop out, and is unaffected by peak times, or having lots of users online. With our Ethernet leased line, maximum line speed is always available – so you don’t have to worry.


Why choose us for your Ethernet leased line?

We’ve been supplying Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC) access for years – and have helped companies of all different sizes to establish reliable internet connections. So, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure you get an Ethernet leased line that’s perfect for you.

Before recommending anything, we talk to you about your business and what you need from your internet access. This helps us devise an Ethernet leased line plan that’s a perfect fit for your firm.

And we won’t blind you with jargon. You don’t have to understand the ins and out of Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC) – that’s our job, and we explain everything clearly and simply.

Leased line internet access that adapts with your business

  • A quality leased line solution.

    With our Ethernet leased line internet access, you get symmetrical bandwidth, consistent speeds, unlimited usage, and complete flexibility.

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  • Easy and quick set up.

    Installing EoFTTC may sound complicated, but it’s not. We give you a free, pre-configured Cisco router, so there’s no hassle with set up - you just plug in and go.

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  • Constant support on hand.

    If you have problems or questions regarding your EoFTTC connection, our support team are on hand to help you 24/7 - via email, webchat, or phone (and when you call, we promise someone will answer the phone within five rings.)

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Guaranteed internet access

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    Our Ethernet leased line internet connection is a failsafe option that gives you reliable online access, with no usage limits

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    100% service uptime guarantee

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    24/7 leased line customer support