Business VoIP

Business VoIP

A traditional telephone system that uses your broadband connection

Our business VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) system is like a traditional business telephone system, but it works entirely through broadband. So, you make cost-saving calls over the internet using multi-functional VoIP phones. But there’s no twisted mass of cables, or the expense and hassle of adding and upgrading lines. Also, our VoIP system gives you unlimited free calls to 01, 02 and 03 UK landlines and all UK mobiles.  

Working Office
Working Office

How it works

You manage everything through an easy to use, web interface. And when you want a new line, you just connect one of your business VoIP phones to a computer – no engineer visits, extensive cabling, or extra costs needed.   

With our business VoIP, your number can go anywhere. Staff can plug a handset into a home computer for full access, and you get access through smartphones via iOS and android apps. Also, optional desktop software allows you to answer calls from any computer with a broadband connection

And if you also choose our business broadband, we’ll charge you nothing for setup – and give you free business VoIP phones – followed by a flat-rate monthly license fee.

Save up to 70% per month compared to traditional business telephone systems

  • A specialist account manager.

    One of our expert VoIP account managers will monitor usage, and switch you to new business VoIP phones if you need them.

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  • Add as many business VoIP numbers as you want.

    There’s no limit, no fee and no hassle - just plug one of your business VoIP phones into a computer, and you’re connected.

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  • Support whenever you need it.

    Our UK support team is on hand 24/7 to deal with your business VoIP queries. You can email us, use webchat, or call. And when you call, we guarantee that a real person will answer you within five rings (not many business VoIP providers can promise you that!)

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Business Phone Lines

Your business VoIP questions answered

  • Can I keep my existing numbers?

    Yes, nothing changes – and if you relocate, your numbers move with you. You can also add location specific numbers – for example adding an 0203 number to create a London presence, or 0141 for Glasgow.

  • What happens if my broadband goes down, or there’s a power cut?

    Don’t worry – our VoIP has built-in disaster recovery, so if broadband or power fails, calls instantly re-route to your own designated backup numbers or mobile phones. This happens automatically – you don’t need to do anything.

  • Can I monitor usage?

    Yes – it’s easy to do using our web interface. Charts will show you busy call periods for your business, and you can drill right down to see how many calls are being made and taken by a particular individual, along with numbers called and duration.

  • Can I record calls?

    Yes – an optional extra lets you record all calls, or choose to record a certain percentage, or calls on selected lines.

  • What features are included with business VoIP from Swift Communications?

    With our business VoIP, you get everything you would expect from a modern business telephone system, such as voicemail, hunt groups, auto attendant, DDIs, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, busy lamps, and more. You also get iOS and Android apps to connect smartphones to the system, and a user-friendly web interface.

Best business VoIP provider

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    Unlimited free calls to UK mobiles and 01, 02 and 03 landlines with our business VoIP service

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    Free handsets with every VoIP user subscription

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    Swiftcomm customer support available 24/7