Microsoft Teams Voice

Make and receive calls anywhere, anytime with Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice provides your organisation with a state-of-the-art, all-in-one unified enterprise-grade telephony communications solution built for business of all sizes, all within the same familiar Microsoft Teams app.


How it works

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based phone system add on for Office 365. It is a true VoIP phone solution that unifies all your business communication needs – whether calling, chatting, meeting or collaborating – inside of one single app; Microsoft Teams.

It is borderless, untethered and can be used from virtually anywhere. It can be used with or without a headset connected through your users existing Microsoft Teams app or on physical handsets.

The Microsoft Teams app is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and mobile devices — providing complete flexibility for your employees to efficiently and effectively meet the demands of the modern workplace.

We are one of the UK's leading Teams Voice providers

  • We are experts in telecoms, Office 365 and managed IT

    We are experts in telephony, communications, Office 365 and managed IT services. Our extensive expertise enables us to understand the unique complexities of your business and we work hard to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from every product.

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  • We won't charge you to make amendments.

    No charges for amendments - period. We understand your business needs to be flexible and react swiftly to remain competitive. Our expert team are always here to assist you with any amendments and adjustments you may need.

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  • Managed telecoms support available 24/7.

    Call at any time, day or night, and one of our support team will answer the phone within five rings - guaranteed. You can also use email and webchat.

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Your Microsoft Teams Voice Questions Answered

  • Do I need a desk phone to use Teams Voice?

    No, all you need is the Microsoft Teams Voice app. This can be used on Windows or Apple Mac computers, as well as multiple mobile platforms including Android and Apple iOS.

  • What handsets are certified for Teams Voice?

    In addition to the flexibility and multi-platform support offered by the Microsoft Teams App, there is an extensive number of devices certified for use with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft maintains a list of devices officially Certified and guaranteed to work. Chances are, you’ll see your handsets and meeting room devices in this list.

  • Can I transfer my existing numbers?

    Yes, you transfer any existing number and use it with Microsoft Teams Voice, including any Direct Dials you may have in use.

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams Voice fully integrates with and extends Office 365 functionality with the final, most important, business function; voice communications, all inside of one single, unified app.

  • All of your company's communication needs are met within a single application. Not only does this leave you free to focus on your business, but it also reduces staff training and simplifies voice, video and collaboration.

  • Security is of utmost importance: All Office 365 services - Teams Voice included - encrypt data in transit and at rest and meet all compliance standards, including ISO 27001, HIPPA. SOC 2, and EU Model Clauses.