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Cloud computing offers huge opportunities to you and your company

With cloud computing, you can now store all your software and data offsite - and access anything from anywhere. Using a cloud platform also cuts costs - as you no longer have to invest in so much costly IT equipment, or on-site IT support - and provides security, as there’s no hard drives packed full of vital data on your premises. We are a leading managed cloud services provider and can set you up with a flexible and secure virtual environment.

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

How does it work?

Cloud adoption can help everything from smoother and less costly business operations to disaster recovery. Using professional expert services for managed cloud services can help you to reach your desired business outcomes faster by leaving the cloud challenges up to the experts so that you can focus on what you do best.

As a leading managed cloud service provider, our customer experiences are what matter to us first and foremost. That’s why before anything else, we need to know about your company, the number of staff you have, and the type of data you use. This helps us work out the sort of cloud managed services that will work best for you.

If you’re happy with our quote, we then visit you to configure your devices for cloud integration, and install the necessary equipment in your offices.

Then you’re ready to go – all your files and data will back up automatically to the cloud and you can access anything you need from wherever you are through the cloud environment.

And, as cloud managed services are accessed remotely, our engineers constantly monitor your connection and usage and will spot and fix any problems before you even realise.

Save money, time and hassle by choosing our cloud services

  • Your own account manager.

    An account manager will guide your switch to cloud computing. He or she will monitor your account and make suggestions as to how to get the most from your cloud services.

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  • A future-proof system.

    Using cloud managed services means your system can change quickly and easily. As you evolve, we can update your network as needed and without you having to buy extra hardware - making it easy to scale up or down.

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  • Cloud computing support available 24/7.

    Your cloud managed services package includes access to 24/7 customer support. You can contact us through web chat, on email, or simply call us. And when you call, we promise someone will answer the phone within five rings.

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Your cloud services questions answered

  • What are the benefits from cloud services

    The main benefits are peace of mind and smooth business operations. By using cloud native services, you can access anything from anywhere – securely. It also means everything is backed up, so if there is a major security incident or disaster, you can recover quickly and continue with business as normal.

Cloud computing is the future

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    It doesn’t matter how many staff you have or devices you need to hook up to cloud computing - we can help you

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    Secure, cost-effective and adaptable managed cloud services with full engineer support

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    Cloud computing customer service available 24/7