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Cyber Essentials

With the most common cyber attacks being committed by inexperienced cybercriminals using basic methods, Cyber Essentials can significantly help your business guard against the most common cyber threats, including those transmitted via emails. The content of this training provides far-reaching benefits to your organisation's security framework.

According to UK Government statistics, securing a Cyber Essentials certificate provides as much as 80% protection against these online threats. Not only does this increase our credibility with esteemed customers, but it also strengthens our association with trusted suppliers.

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Cyber Essentials Plus
cyber essentials
Cyber Essentials

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed scheme that provides guidance and cybersecurity certification for organisations of all sizes. By ensuring that your organisation undergoes the proper training required to tackle these security challenges, you can secure your customers' and suppliers' trust and confidence.

It is designed to help businesses protect themselves against common cyber threats by implementing a set of security controls. The certification demonstrates to clients and partners that a business takes cyber security seriously, which can be a competitive advantage and requirement for some government contracts.

The scheme offers two levels of certification: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

The certification, akin to a formal training program, covers five core areas of your organisation:

• Access control
• Firewalls and routers
• Malware protection
• Secure configuration of all networked devices
• Software and OS patch management

Here are some footprints of getting Cyber Essentials Certified with Swiftcomm, made evident by the content of the satisfied customer emails and successful supplier interactions we've had:

• Clear overview: Get a clear assessment of your organisation's cyber security protection levels. We work to ensure you have the best protections in place.

• Compliance: Through our Compliance App, our expert team ensure your devices remain in compliance 24/7, alerting you to any that need attention with the steps required to resolve them.

Government contracts: Demonstrate to organisations you work with that you take your Cyber Security and Data Protection seriously. You also gain eligibility to apply for certain Government and NHS Framework Contracts.

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Cyber Essentials Badge

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment to confirm that all your systems are configured to industry best security practices. This certificate gives you, your customers, and suppliers peace of mind that your IT governance is secure. The benefits are also evident in the trust and confidence demonstrated as a logo in your business emails.

Cyber Essentials Plus Badge

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is the next step up from Cyber Essentials, which involves a qualified assessor reviewing all your documentation and systems self-declared within the Cyber Essentials certification process. This is instrumental in further training our staff and ensuring a high level of cyber security adherence.

Cyber Essentials Pricing

Swiftcomm believes in simplifying Cyber Essentials. We understand that businesses have different levels of technical capabilities, and as such, we offer multiple different pricing models depending on whether you wish to self-certify or have consultation throughout the certification process. 

Speak to our IT experts today to begin your Cyber Essentials audit and gain access to the comprehensive training that this certification offers. Discover the benefits it can bring to your organisation, including strengthening the content of your official emails by presenting the logo. 

Cyber Essentials - Self managed

Self service through our dedicated portal
1-hour consultant review time
Dedicated portal with questions & guidence
Guidance for maintaining on-going Cyber Essentials compliance
Free £25,000 cyber insurance
Dedicated UK Support (Phone, Email or Live Chat)


Fully managed delivery of your Cyber Essentials certificiation.
Guaranteed Certification - subject to compliance
Dedicated project manager who handles your whole audit and documentation process
Guidance for maintaining on-going Cyber Essentials compliance with management tools.
Free £25,000 cyber insurance
Dedicated Project Manager


Fully managed delivery of your Cyber Essentials Plus certificiation.
Guaranteed Certification - subject to compliance
Dedicated project manager who handles your whole audit, documentation and Cyber Essentials Plus process
Guidance for maintaining on-going Cyber Essentials Plus compliance with management tools.
Free £25,000 cyber insurance
Dedicated Project Manager & CE+ Auditor

All prices are in GBP with applicable taxes added at checkout.

"In 2022, it was revealed that 39% of businesses in the UK had suffered a cyber attack over the previous 12 months, with many facing a material outcome, such as loss of money or data"
GOV.UK - Official Statistics 2022

Leveraging Cyber Essentials in Tender Proposals

When it comes to bidding for contracts with larger organisations or government agencies, cybersecurity measures, such as Cyber Essentials certification, play a crucial role in decision-making. Organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials certification possess a distinct advantage in bid proposals and benefits hugely in the content of their official bid emails. Being able to demonstrate compliance with recognised cybersecurity standards through various certificates can significantly increase the chances of winning contracts, gaining more customers and securing trusted suppliers. Such a show of compliance is reflected in how efficiently a business handles their account of customers' data security.

For instance, consider an e-commerce company seeking a partnership with a major retailer. This retailer, mindful of their resources and secure data handling practises due to previous incidents with vendors, would naturally favour a secure partner. Here, certificates like the Cyber Essentials certification play a crucial role. By highlighting this certification in their bid proposal, the e-commerce company can exhibit their commitment to protecting customer data, assuring the retailer of their rigorous security measures.

It is important to account for the fact that while possessing a Cyber Essentials certification is not a guarantee against all cyber threats, it provides a robust foundation for cybersecurity. This solid base can be built upon as a business grows and evolves. Moreover, as the threat landscape mutates, unveiling new vulnerabilities, it becomes even more crucial to continually review and improve cybersecurity practices using the resources at disposal.

With an understanding of the impact of Cyber Essentials certification and its value in bid proposals, let's explore how businesses can build a scalable cyber security strategy using the knowledge and resources provided by the Cyber Essentials.

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Cyber Security Strategy
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Building a Scalable Cyber Security Strategy with Cyber Essentials

When it comes to protecting your business from cyber attacks, it's crucial to have a robust and scalable cyber security strategy in place. One effective framework that can help you achieve this is Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials is a set of best-practise guidelines developed by the UK government to assist organisations in implementing fundamental security controls. By adhering to these principles, businesses can enhance their resilience against common cyber threats and reduce the risk of successful attacks.

Let's consider an example of how Cyber Essentials can be integrated into a business's cyber security strategy. This process includes rigorous training that equips businesses with the knowledge and skill to defend their digital platforms from varied threats. By doing so, your business will not only earn the trust of your customers but also put your suppliers at ease, knowing that their data is in safe hands.Imagine a small e-commerce company that operates within a competitive sector, dealing with a significant number of sensitive customer information entries, including personal and financial data. To protect this valuable information, the business could start by considering its internal requirements and implementing the five key controls recommended by Cyber Essentials:

Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways

By establishing a secure network perimeter using firewalls and gateways, the company can control incoming and outgoing traffic, preventing unauthorised access.

Secure Configuration

Ensuring that all devices, network and software within the organisation are securely configured with appropriate settings and regular updates minimises vulnerabilities. It represents a useful approach to mitigate any potential risks associated with the vast number of digital transactions processed daily.

User Access Control

Implementing strong authentication measures, such as unique usernames and passwords, restricts access to critical systems or sensitive data only to authorised individuals. This aspect highlights the business's commitment to the security requirements necessary within its sector.

Malware Protection

Deploying anti-malware solutions across the organisation's network safeguards against malicious software, such as viruses or ransomware, which can compromise sensitive information. This is essential in the digital age, where every partner and customer expects a flawless service free from cyber threats.

Patch Management

Regularly updating software applications and operating systems with the latest security patches helps fix known vulnerabilities and maintain a robust defence posture. It's another example of how the company meets the critical requirements of a demanding and ever-evolving sector.

Incorporating Cyber Essentials into your overall cyber security strategy provides a reliable foundation to protect your business against cyber threats, thereby proving the indispensable nature of these certificates in the business landscape.

However, it's important to remember that no security measure is foolproof within the scope of constantly evolving threats. It is essential to continuously monitor your systems, stay informed about emerging threats, adapt your strategy accordingly and consider the specific number of factors related to your sector.

Think of it like building a fortress; Cyber Essentials serves as the broad scope structure, helping to protect your business from potential intruders. But just like any fortress, ongoing vigilance and fortified defences are necessary to guard against ever-evolving attack techniques. Partner with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes within your organization's scope.

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Swiftcomm Office Locations

With a strong knowledge of local areas across the United Kingdom within our scope, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored local service to businesses nationwide. Whether you need support for multiple sites or a single location within the scope of your operations, we’ve got you covered, knowing that each partner has unique requirements.

Cyber Essentials - FAQs

No, within the current scope, Cyber Essentials is not mandatory for all businesses in certain industries. However, it is highly recommended and increasingly encouraged by regulators and industry bodies. According to a survey conducted in 2022, only 28% of businesses across various industries within our scope had achieved and maintained Cyber Essentials certification.

This highlights the need within the scope of more businesses to prioritise cybersecurity measures to protect themselves from cyber attacks and potential financial, reputational and legal consequences. The right partner can guide you through this complex IT landscape, ensuring that the number of threats faced within your scope is minimized.

The time it takes to become Cyber Essentials certified can vary depending on your organisation's scope of preparedness and existing security measures. On average, businesses typically spend several weeks to a few months to undergo the certification process within this scope. This includes conducting a self-assessment, implementing necessary security controls, and completing the application.

Working with Swiftcomm within the scope of your needs, we can usually shorten this certification timeframe by guiding you through the process and implementing controls or services to obtain compliance as quickly as possible. We will consider your specific sector requirements and work closely with your team.

According to recent statistics, around 80% of organisations within our scope achieve Cyber Essentials certification within three months of starting the process, demonstrating its attainability with focused effort.

A business must renew its Cyber Essentials certification annually. This ensures that the business maintains up-to-date protection against evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities within the scope of their operations. According to a study by Accenture, cyber attacks are growing in frequency and complexity, with businesses facing an average number of 145 attacks per year. Therefore, regular renewal of Cyber Essentials certification within this scope helps businesses stay resilient and keep pace with the changing threat landscape.

Cyber Essentials certification involves undertaking an assessment and implementing basic security controls within the scope of your business to protect against common cyber threats. This includes securing your internet connection, using secure configurations for devices and software, controlling access to data and systems, and maintaining up-to-date malware protection. By achieving this certification within this scope, studies show that businesses reduce their risk of cyber attacks by 80%, demonstrating the effectiveness of these measures in safeguarding against online threats.

Cyber Essentials protects against cyber-attacks by providing a framework of key security measures within the scope of your business that you can implement to safeguard your systems. These measures include having secure configurations, applying regular software updates, and ensuring proper access controls are in place.

By following the Cyber Essentials guidelines within your organisation's scope, businesses can significantly reduce their vulnerability to common cyber threats. According to the UK government's statistics, implementing Cyber Essentials within this scope can prevent around 80% of common cyber-attacks.

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