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Cyber Security

Our dependence on technology increases every year - and so do cyber threats. This is why we need to take a different approach to cyber security in a modern digital world that is constantly evolving.

At Swiftcomm, we’re here to help you with all aspects of cyber security - keeping your assets, confidential information, and reputation safe.

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Cyber Security
cyber security
Small Business Cyber Security

Why you need cyber security

Cyber security is a range of measures to minimise the risk of a cyber-attack. This includes preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information and protecting your computer systems and data.

Cyber-attacks typically aim to obtain, alter, or destroy sensitive information, commit identity theft, demand money from users, or obstruct regular business operations, all of which can be harmful to any company.

Multiple layers of security across all your devices, programs, networks, and systems are essential to a successful cyber security strategy.

In order to protect against new cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, we provide a fully managed service that includes advanced detection, incident response, and recovery.

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cyber security services we offer

Our cyber security services

We work with you to put robust strategies and cyber defences in place to protect your business and your assets. And at Swiftcomm, our cyber security professionals don’t just recommend cyber solutions, we’re here to help you implement them.

Managed cyber security

With more than half of British companies reporting cyber-attacks in 2019 alone, it’s critical to invest in advanced cyber security measures that go beyond antivirus and firewalls.

We offer a range of superior managed cyber security solutions for businesses throughout the UK. Our next-generation services will help you safeguard what’s important and secure your systems.

Disaster recovery

Swiftcomm offers industry-leading disaster recovery services that store all your information, accounts and data offsite, in the cloud.

From data breaches to common cyber threats, with our disaster recovery services in place, we can have your critical systems up and running again quickly, so your business keeps operating whatever happens.

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Protect your business with our disaster recovery services

As a full-service Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Swiftcomm offers advanced threat detection and professional incident response to any security threats - helping to safeguard your business, people, and data. We’re your leading cyber security partner.

We also have 24/7 support available, through email, phone, and webchat.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our cyber security solutions can help you protect your business, systems, and confidential data.

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