Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup Disaster Recovery

Restore your accounts and data instantly when disaster strikes

Could you recover if disaster struck your company? Many companies are ruined by natural disasters like fire or flood, as they can’t operate when it happens. Thankfully, we offer business backup disaster recovery services that store all your information, accounts and data offsite, in the cloud. With our disaster recovery services in place, we can have your critical systems up and running again quickly, so your business keeps operating whatever happens.


How does our disaster recovery business backup work?

Disaster recovery planning is imperative to ensure that if there is a major incident, the recovery times for all of your technology systems are minimal, allowing you to get back to critical business operations as soon as possible.

With our disaster recovery services in place, we can restore your systems and data to have you back to normal operations quickly.

Of course, the exact nature of our disaster recovery process depend on your business and setup. But essentially, what we do is perform a risk assessment and create a disaster recovery plan which includes us encrypting and storing all your data in a secure, remote data centre – and ensure it is constantly and automatically backed up.

We also put a disaster recovery business continuity plan in place. So, if you were faced by the calamity of a fire, flood, cyber attack – or anything else that could destroy your onsite systems and storage – you can follow a clear and simple disaster recovery strategy to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Having a disaster plan, whether it be for a physical disaster or a virtual one (such as a ransomware attack) means rapid recovery and continued operation for your business, regardless of the situation.

Protect your business with disaster recovery services

  • An account manager to oversee your disaster recovery services.

    We assign an account manager to you, who will keep on top of everything - providing reports and suggesting improvements to your business backup if necessary. They will have an effective disaster recovery plan in place and keep you up to date, maintaining your recovery goals.

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  • Constant monitoring to ensure you’re safe.

    Our disaster recovery team of technicians constantly monitor the frequency of backups, security of your data and transfer connection. So, you know everything is 100% safe and will be ready instantly, should you need it.

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  • 24/7 support available.

    Whether it’s an emergency, or a simple question, you can contact us quickly through email, phone or webchat. And, when you ring us, we guarantee that an actual person will answer the phone within five rings.

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Your disaster recovery solution questions answered

  • What is disaster recovery in IT

    Disaster recovery is often part of a larger business continuity plan that ensures a business care recover quickly from potential disasters. The ideal solution for any business is to have everything backed up via cloud storage so that should an incident occur, they can have instant recovery.

  • Types of disaster recovery

    Mainly, businesses are looking at both natural disasters and cyber security incidents. Our team of specialists run a risk analysis for both before creating an incident management plan which is essentially a practical how-to guide that helps your business get back up and running with minimal down time.

  • Why should you have an IT disaster plan

    Not having a disaster recovery plan in place can be detrimental to a business. For most businesses, having a plan in place means that even should your physical premises network be distroyed by disaster, there are still ways to manage your business remotely with a virtual network. Of course, it is different for every business, but our team will go through everything step-by-step with you.

Get the best business backup

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    Disaster recovery services that ensure your data and systems can be quickly and easily replicated, should disaster strike

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    Automated business backup that’s constantly monitored

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    Customer support available 24/7 – we’re always there when you need us