Increasing productivity with business broadband

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Increasing productivity with business broadband

With many companies heavily reliant on the Internet for everything from emails to e-commerce, file sharing to customer service over social media, the reliance on a reliable, efficient broadband connection has never been greater.

Bold claims by broadband providers may lead you to believe that you’re already on the best package for you, with the highest speed access your business can take advantage of. We’ve come to find, however, that this often isn’t the case. Many of our customers have been surprised to understand just how much more they could be getting from their business broadband, and the benefits this can bring.

How might faster broadband benefit my company?

Increased productivity

The main opportunity is to boost business efficiency – the vast majority of us use the Internet in some way shape or form for our jobs, from emails to web research, and so the chance to reduce the time spent waiting for pages to load, mail to download or access to other online services can only help boost productivity overall, by reducing potential downtime.

Supporting business growth

Faster business broadband also enables your business to grow. With older, slower broadband packages, the more users you have online at one time, the slower your Internet speed will become. This is particularly noticeable if you work wirelessly throughout the office. Faster broadband, be it through a better ADSL package (using existing business broadband and phone line connections) or a new Fibre broadband package (using fibre-optic cables to deliver speeds several times faster than ‘normal’ broadband), supports multiple users and reduces their impact on your overall connection

Faster Uploads and connection to the Cloud

We often talk about download speeds, but uploading can be just as important for your business, particularly if you’re required to share data, assets and other files on a regular basis with your partners and clients. Likewise, access to Cloud-based storage solutions becomes much more efficient if you have a faster broadband connection.

Better collaboration

Emails are a great way of communicating quickly and efficiently, but it’s often the case that the ‘personal touch’ of face to face contact with clients and agencies reaps multiple benefits above this. Take, for example, the need to feed back on a piece of creative, going into detail on a specific element, that could easily get misconstrued over email. It’s not always feasible to meet with those involved, and so video conferencing has enabled people to get together face to face in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Video conferencing requires reliable broadband to avoid poor quality communication, and so a faster speed of business broadband would go far to ensure this.

Opportunity to reduce costs

Whilst you may pay slightly more for faster business broadband, the efficiencies above can help to reduce other costs, previously caused by slow speeds. In addition, other more direct savings might be possible.

An example might be VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephones, which would allow you to make phone calls over the Internet – enabling you to get rid of traditional telephone lines. VoIP requires a strong broadband connection to ensure reliability, so the two can go hand in hand!

What’s right for me?

Here at Swift Communications, we’re keen to match the right business broadband package to your business needs – whether that’s a lower-cost deal, faster broadband or options for working in a more mobile environment, so contact us today to see how we can support you.

It’s important for us to understand the following points in order to deliver the best solution possible:

What do you use your broadband for?

Put simply, this will enable us to know what kind of business broadband speed is optimum for your company. For example, if the majority of your employees spend their time away from the office and simply need to check emails, then a more standard package may be of benefit to you, to reduce costs but maintain a good connection for when the team are in the office or need to access email remotely. Conversely, an e-commerce business that relies on the Internet to sell and contact customers might be more suited to a higher speed solution such as Fibre broadband, for optimum speed and reliability.

Would you benefit from a VoIP telephone solution?

If you make lots of calls, be it to clients, agencies or partners, you could save more by having a Business VoIP solution rather than a standard telephone line. This would reduce business costs and improve reliability. VoIP solutions require a higher-speed business broadband package, so this might aid the decision to move to Fibre broadband.

What broadband speed might be available to you?

This is a key point which will help us determine the options available to you, and how we can help you best. Contact the Swift team today to see how we can help. 03333 200 222.

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