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Business tablets and iPads can be a huge asset and an excellent laptop alternative. They are light, easy to use and often more responsive than traditional laptops. But, how do you choose? Do you go for a business iPad or a business tablet? And which contract do you choose? As business tablet experts – we can help you. We can source business iPads, as well as Android business tablets and Windows tablets from major names. And we’ll get the best data plan by negotiating with all the leading providers.

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How we help you

In today’s fast-paced, digital society, many businesses are moving away from traditional laptops and providing their team with a business tablet instead. This is because not only is a tablet often a more affordable device but through a range of business apps, have advanced business capabilities.

Although laptops may have a larger screen size, smart devices are often more business adaptable and are becoming a popular laptop replacement amongst business users.

An android device like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad are powerful devices that offer plenty of power to work seamlessly across business tasks. Light tablets make a great companion device for business trips and with so many popular business apps available, it’s easy to manage your business on the go.

First, you tell us what you need from your business tablet – it may be largely for emails, but you may need a tablet that’s good for reviewing documents, for example or business presentations. This helps us narrow down the perfect business tablet for your company – it could be a business iPad or another leading model.

We also need a rough idea of your monthly business tablet budget and how much you’re likely to be using your tablets – so we know how much data you will need. We also run through any additional features you may want, such as detachable keyboards or dual cameras.

And when you’ve told us this, you can leave the hard work to our experts. We’ll scour the market for you – and use all our experience and knowledge of the sector – to find a lineup of business offers that’s specific to your company and requirements.

We also provide additional business mobile devices, like business mobile phones and business broadband so we can ensure your business has everything it needs.

We find you the best business tablets and data plans at the best rates

  • The best prices.

    Thanks to strong relationships and considerable buying power with the big providers, we’ll get you a business iPad or tablet package that’s cheaper than you can find on the open market.

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  • A dedicated account manager.

    We assign an account manager to you, who’s always there to help you and will review your account on a monthly basis to see how we can save you money and boost efficiency.

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  • Support available whenever you need it.

    We are here for you 24/7 via email, web chat, and phone. And when you call, we guarantee an actual person will answer within five rings to help you with your business tablet query.

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Your business tablet quesitions answered

  • Which tablet is good for business use?

    There are a number of Android enterprise tablets that work as an excellent business resource. Of course, which tablet or iPad you choose for your business depends entirely on what you need most out of the device and the level of performance you require. Do you need a powerful tablet that can handle a range of business applications and professional tasks? Or a cheaper model used solely for quick web-conferencing? Our experts can discuss everything with you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

  • Is there a tablet that works like a laptop?

    You can get many tablets with a larger HD screen that have detachable keyboards to work just like a traditional laptop. That way you have a flexible design that can be smaller for when you are on the go and work as a laptop at your desk.

  • Which is better laptop or tablet for business?

    It genuinely depends on what you need to use your device for. Both have their advantages, but a tablet can make a great alternative to a heavier, bulkier laptop.

Best business tablets for you

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    We’ll save you money and get you the perfect business tablet or business iPad plan – whatever your needs or company size

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    Your business tablet plan will be tailored to your company

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    Customer support available whenever you need it