Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup Disaster Recovery

Restore your accounts and data instantly when disaster strikes

Could you recover if disaster struck your company? Many companies are ruined by a fire or flood, as they can’t operate when it happens. Thankfully, we offer business backup disaster recovery services that store all your information, accounts and data offsite, in the cloud. With our disaster recovery services in place, we can have you up and running again quickly, so your business keeps operating whatever happens.


How does our disaster recovery business backup work?

With our disaster recovery services in place, we can restore your systems and data quickly.

Of course, the exact nature of our disaster recovery services depend on your business and setup. But essentially, what we do is encrypt and store all your data in a secure data centre – and ensure it is constantly and automatically backed up.

We also put a disaster recovery business continuity plan in place. So, if you were faced by the calamity of a fire, flood, cyber attack – or anything else that could destroy your onsite systems and storage – you can follow a clear and simple path to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Protect your business with disaster recovery services

  • An account manager to oversee your disaster recovery services.

    We assign an account manager to you, who will keep on top of everything - providing reports and suggesting improvements to your business backup if necessary.

  • Constant monitoring to ensure you’re safe.

    Our disaster recovery technicians constantly monitor the security of your data and transfer connection. So, you know everything is 100% safe and will be ready instantly, should you need it.

  • 24/7 support available.

    Whether it’s an emergency, or a simple question, you can contact us quickly through email, phone or webchat. And, when you ring us, we guarantee that an actual person will answer the phone within five rings.

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Get the best business backup

  • Disaster recovery services that ensure your data and systems can be quickly and easily replicated, should disaster strike

  • Automated business backup that’s constantly monitored

  • Customer support available 24/7 – we’re always there when you need us