Door Entry System

Door Entry Systems

Simplify and improve your security with keyless access to your premises

The days of big bunches of keys to control entry to your buildings are gone. With the next generation of access control and video door entry systems, no keys are required. We provide and install the latest electronic door entry systems. These are the safest and most efficient ways of protecting your people, assets and property, as they give you flexible control over visitors, clients and staff entering your premises.

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Working Office

How we work

We first talk to you about what you need from your door entry systems and how you want to manage access. We’ll also visit your premises, which allows us to draw up a plan and give you a quote on the best system for your needs, at the best price.  

You may need video door entry, so you can monitor everyone arriving at your premises. Or, you may want a keycard system so that gives staff access with a simple swipe. We can also provide a solution where access to certain areas is restricted to those with a particular keycard.

If you choose us, we’ll send a team of engineers over to install your door entry systems, with the minimum of disruption to your business, staff and clients.

Access control systems that keep your buildings safe at all times

  • An account manager to provide ongoing support.

    Your access control solution may need to grow with your business. That’s why we assign an account manager to you, who will be on hand to advise you on any changes you need to your door entry systems.

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  • Secure management of your access control devices.

    Modern access control systems are easier to manage than lock and key. If a key-card is lost, stolen or not returned - it can be de-activated remotely.

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  • Support available 24/7.

    We’re always here to help with your door entry system queries. You can contact us by email, webchat, or call direct and a real, live person will answer your call within five rings.

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The best access control

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    We deliver high quality video door entry systems and access control solutions to companies of all sizes

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    Expert installation of access control systems with minimum disruption to your operation

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    Customer support available at all times