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Contact Centre Software

Running a successful business requires being able to communicate with your clients and employees from anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.

Swiftcomm offers a wide variety of contact centre software solutions that can help you improve your communications.

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Contact Centre Software

Contact centre software solutions

Contact centre equipment and software have to have the capacity to efficiently handle high call volumes and ensure a smooth customer experience.

Swiftcomm has provided contact centre software solutions for customers throughout the UK for many years. As one of the leading contact centre software providers, we provide our business customers with a cost-effective and dependable contact centre software solution.

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contact centre software benefits

Benefits of contact centre software

If your business receives high call volumes, investing in a reliable and bespoke contact system software solution has many benefits to offer, including:

• Improved productivity: Customer support teams can quickly create incoming cases and escalate when necessary.

• Convenience: At Swiftcomm, all our call centre software equipment and software are designed to work conveniently.

• Improved customer service: Dealing with client questions and support cases efficiently is key to outlining the best call centre software.

• Enhanced reporting metrics: Management can instantly get the information they need to make key business decisions.

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contact centre software types

Types of contact centre software

The type of call centre software you choose will depend on your business needs. Here are three of the most common types of modern call centre software solutions:


With an on-premise solution, the contact centre software, hardware and infrastructure are installed at your business premises and maintained by IT services provider or in-house team.

One of the best advantages of on-premise call centre software solutions is that you have control over all the data and systems on-site. A disadvantage, though, is that this option will then require higher start-up costs and infrastructure expenses.


With a cloud-based contact centre solution, your software is hosted by online servers, which can be accessed via the internet. With cloud-hosted solutions, your data is saved securely in the cloud, and you can access it even when you or your team is not connected to the internet.

The fact that several users share the resources makes a cloud-based solution a very cost-effective solution for contact centres. The software management and maintenance are handled by your IT service provider, which means you have very little upfront expenses.

Compared to an on-premise and hosted call centre software solution, a cloud contact centre solution is also easier to deploy and manage.

For businesses that need their call centre software to remain with them on-site, cloud-based software solutions are not the best option as they are hosted online.


Software for call centres that is hosted off-site and accessed over a network is known as hosted call centre software. With the use of this software, call centres are able to host all of their infrastructure—aside from the terminals for the operators—offsite.

This software solution has the benefit of being less expensive than on-premise software solutions and being maintained by a service provider, which relieves you of the trouble.

The infrastructure must be set up upfront, and ongoing maintenance, regular software updates, and administrative expenditures must also be taken into account, much like with an on-premise contact call centre solution.

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bespoke solutions

Bespoke contact centre software solutions

At Swiftcomm, we offer a range of business phone solutions including contact centre software to cater to any size or type of company. Our engineers will install the system for you and we will give you ongoing 24/7 customer support with customised support.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our contact centre software solutions can help you streamline your business communications and keep costs in check.

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