Managed IT Services for Healthcare Providers

Get world-class managed IT support for all your needs. 

The operational efficiency of innovative healthcare technology is imperative for the healthcare sector to be able to offer quality patient care. As such, we understand that the healthcare industry relies on effective and efficient data security and IT support.  At Swiftcomm, we offer award-winning managed services that offer a 24/7, always-on solution for your business needs with a dedicated IT team that is available to you around the clock.

doctor using it support
doctor using it support

How it works

We understand that IT supports critical business functions within the healthcare industry, whether it’s ensuring your healthcare equipment is functional, being able to access electronic health records, the fleet management of emergency vehicles or even performing robotic surgery.

Continuous improvement across innovative technology solutions within the healthcare sector is what allows our hospitals and healthcare providers to deal with major emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why as a Microsoft Silver Partner, Swiftcomm  offer a range of managed technology services that include network management, server administration, desktop support, application deployment, security audits, and helpdesk support.

We also provide remote monitoring and reporting tools that give us actionable data insights to ensure your servers are always online and available. We will proactively monitor your systems and alert you if anything goes wrong. You won’t need to worry about system outages because we will resolve issues before they occur.

We are award-winning service providers with experience working within both the NHS trust and the private sectors. We focus on service management so that you can focus on offering the best healthcare experience and patient outcomes.

Outsource to a leading managed IT support provider in the UK

  • A dedicated account manager

    At Swiftcomm, our team of experts works hard to ensure our customers receive the best possible service. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding managed IT support and an enhanced customer service. Your dedicated IT account manager will talk you through all the available service packages to come up with a bespoke solution. They will also help you manage all aspects of your healthcare company’s communication services including planning, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and ongoing management.

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  • Managed IT services 24/7

    Call us 24 hours a day and speak to a member of our world-class IT support team. We will pick up your call within five rings - guaranteed. You can also contact us via email or live chat. 

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  • IT support for complex healthcare systems

    We know that managing data and securing networks across healthcare systems can be exceptionally complicated; we efficiently manage the growing risk while ensuring compliance at all times. From a world-class IT support desk to customised SLAs designed to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

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Your Managed IT Support Questions Answered

  • Why should I get managed IT support for our healthcare organisation? 

    With healthcare systems being increasingly complex to control and monitor, it can be hard to drive value. This is why you can benefit from a dedicated IT support team to handle all your network, security, hardware, software, and security needs – while ensuring absolute compliance at all times.

  • How much does managed IT support for healthcare cost?

    As every organisation is different, we tailor our managed IT support service to each individual client. However, we offer competitive pricing, allowing us to deliver world-class IT support for your healthcare needs while keeping unnecessary expenses to a minimum.

  • Do you have to be onsite?

    Generally, no. We can provide the majority of our IT support services remotely. If there is a need for us to be on your premises, we’ll get the work done as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary interruption.

  • With a managed IT support team, does it mean I no longer need IT staff?

    Not necessarily. Many larger healthcare organisations have both an on-site IT team, as well as a managed IT support team. However, if you outsource your IT needs to us, you can free up your own IT staff from low-level, time-consuming, repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time on profitable objectives.

Best managed IT services

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    A dedicated account manager on hand to help and guide you

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    Remote IT support that monitors your systems and fixes problems proactively

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    IT help desk available 24/7 to handle any questions and problems