Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Every business is at threat from cyber attack – don’t let it happen to you

Big companies have whole cyber security departments, but small business cyber security tends to rely on off-the-shelf products to protect network security. But cyber criminals can easily defeat these, and the consequences of cyber attack are incredibly harmful - both in terms of cost and reputational damage. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with all aspects of network security - keeping your assets and reputation safe.


How we help you

It’s our job to protect you from the threat of cyber crime by developing and enforcing effective controls to stop any unauthorised exploitation. 

But first we need to know about your business and the network security methods you  are already using. When we know that, we’ll use all our digital expertise to devise a cyber security platform that ensures we can constantly counter and repel threats, such as malware and viruses, before they infect your system and do untold damage.

And we’ll also put disaster recovery safeguards in place so that, if the worst should happen, your data is secure and recoverable and your business can quickly get back on its feet. 

Let us take care of your network security

  • Your own cyber security account manager.

    The cyber security landscape changes all the time, so we assign an account manager to you who’s a network security expert and will monitor your package and systems to ensure you’re always safe.

  • We make your whole organisation security-aware.

    Network security is also about people, so we talk to your staff about best practice in regards small business cyber security and how to keep safe.

  • Cyber security support available 24/7.

    You can contact our network security support team day and night through email and web chat, or call us for an immediate response – as we guarantee that a real live person will answer your call within five rings.

Keep Safe From Cyber Attack

  • We are small business cyber security experts and know what it takes to keep your business safe from digital criminals

  • Full disaster recovery in place to keep your data 100% safe

  • Customer support available whenever you need it – day and night